When the 15th-century shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa broke his favorite Chinese tea bowl, he sent it back to China for repairs. He was very disappointed when came back stapled with ugly metal pins, so local Japanese craftsmen came up with a solution—they filled the crack with a golden lacquer, making the bowl uniquely beautiful and more valuable. This repair elevated the fallen bowl back to its place as shogun’s favourite and prompted a whole new art form.
This is an incredible metaphor for healing and recovery from adversity. The philosophy behind it goes much deeper than a simple artistic practice. It shows symbolism of healing and resilience. First taken care of and then honoured, the broken object accepts its past and paradoxically becomes more robust, more beautiful and more precious than before.
This was an inspiration to develop my artistic ideas and create my new art.

“Precious”(mixed media on canvas/wood and gold 100X120)
“Up”(mixed media on canvas/wood and gold 120X100)
‘Two’ (mixed media on canvas/wood and gold 120X100cm)
“Saved”(mixed media on canvas/wood and gold 150X120)
Harmony (mixed media on wood and gold 120X100)