As one looks deeper into Vinko’s art of healing, goes through introspection. Each art piece harbours metanarratives.

Vinko uses a variety of wacky mixed media on canvas or wood, like bark, metal, glass, sand, gesso, stones, paper, leather, glue to create his textured Artwork.

is “The Master Healer” symbol of purity of the spiritual aspect of “All That Is”  

Vinko collecting bark for his Art

(Vinko only use bark from a dead tree. Peeling bark from a living tree removes its circulatory system and will kill the tree. Some trees shed their outer bark, which can be thought of as the epidermis of the tree. Closely attached to the bark is the phloem, which carries food throughout the tree. If this is removed, the tree will starve and die).

Vinko selecting the right texture of the bark for his Art

Preparing bark for painting and adding gold as a ‘healer’ at the end

Vinko in his atelier/studio

Vinko’s Art on the wall
Vinko often creates Artwork with bark because of the symbolic meaning of trees.
In mythologies, legends and novels trees are used to represent life and growth. Trees are also considered representative of wisdom, power and prosperity.